Different Types of Fire Pits & Fire Features

Fire pits are a great addition to any outdoor living space to enhance the atmosphere of your backyard, patio, or deck and bring friends and family closer together. The classic campfire style ambiance will create a unique outdoor experience that provides warmth and comfort but there are many styles to choose from so we've put together a fire pit buying guide to explore the different types of fire features to help you find the right product for your needs.


1. Gas Fire Pits

A modern take on the classic fire pit, gas fire pits offer more convenience and more safety in a controlled fire to provide warmth and ambiance. Gas fire pits feature a gas burner to provide the flames and can be used with different fire medias like lava rock, fire glass, or ceramic log sets.

Benefits of a Gas Fire Pit:

  • Convenient – Once it's hooked up to a natural gas or propane source, a beautiful fire is ready at any time and you don't have to worry about building a fire or worrying about wet logs
  • Safe – If installed properly, gas fire pits can be much safer than wood because the flames aren't as large and uncontrollable—great for suburbs, condos, or apartments
  • Clean – The efficient fuel source is clean burning with no smokey smell, and it's much cheaper than continuously purchasing fire wood

2. Fire and Water Features

Modern innovation has brought us the unique combination of fire and water with the outdoor Fire & Water features . The different types of fire and water features offer versatile installation options for the ultimate patio paradise.

Benefits of a Fire & Water Feature:

  • Unique – The combination of fire and water creates an elegant focal point for the ultimate outdoor living space

  • Versatile – These unique features create both warmth and comfort to enhance your patio

  • Customizable – Different types of fire and water features are available for the DIYer or contractor

3. DIY Fire Pits

A cost effective and simple way for many people to go, DIY fire pit kits are offered in different varieties but essentially include the components needed to create a custom gas fire pit. The most basic, and most popular kits, are our Match Light kits, then Spark Ignition, and then Electronic Ignition.

Benefits of a DIY Fire Pit Kit:

  • Cost Effective – Depending on the kit you purchase, DIY fire pits can be much cheaper than an already finished product

  • Simple to Install – With our instructions and helpful video, DIY kits can be very easy to install but the gas connections should be finished by a professional

  • Customizable – With a myriad of sizes and shapes, the limits to your fire pit options are endless as you can design and build your own unique fire pit

4. Gas Fire Tables

A more contemporary option, gas fire tables offer form and function in various different designs. We have a huge selection of shapes and sizes, but the main difference comes down to the table height: coffee table "chat" height (~23"), dining table height (~29"), and bar table height (~35").

Benefits of a Gas Fire Table:

  • Contemporary – New designs and shapes feature a more contemporary look for the modern home with a classic feel

  • Form and Function – The fire feature creates a focal point for beauty while the table top surface offers functionality as an entertainment centerpiece

  • Shapes & Sizes – With our huge variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, there's a one of kind product for every taste